Comments on a proposed „Treaty for the Democratisation of the Eurozone“ by Thomas Piketty and Friends (Christel Hahn)

Piketty’s „Pour un traité de démocratisation de l’Europe“, which is available in french since March, has just been released in german as „Für ein anderes Europa“ (for a different Europe). The subtitle of the german book clarifies, that the book presents a „Treaty for the Democratisation of the Eurozone“1, a very specific project, which of course should generally advance the democratisation of Europe. Continue Reading

Video: Intellectuals and activists Panel “Changing Europe, yes! But how?” Saturday July 1st – Just as if you were on the #CitizensRoute73 !

(video by Boris Dieval)

Our panelists have exchanged on the tools required to create the conditions of emergence of a common European public debate…

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