From “Biancheri Athens 1998″ to “Macron Athens 2017″: Upgrading democracy takes 20 years (FBN)

Emmanuel Macron’s recent speech in Athens puts on the table the great political challenges facing the EU. Rebuilding citizens’ trust, democratising the EU, opening the European election to trans-European lists, politically refounding the Eurozone… These ideas are truly echoeing another speech, delivered 20 years ago, in Athens too, by Franck Biancheri, Continue Reading

#1Head2Votes – Transnational EU lists: an amazing week (Giorgio Clarotti, UEF)

#1Head2Votes Amazing week on the European Federalists (UEF) campaign for transnational EU lists: they might come to life. Apologies to my FB friends who are not interested by EU affairs, but I want to share this with all those who support us, and me, as I am spearheading this campaign.Continue Reading

Video: Political panel “Changing Europe, yes! But what for?” Saturday July 1st – Just as if you were on the #CitizensRoute73 !

(video by Boris Dieval)

With, Mariapaola Cherchi (IT/BE) for a federal Europe of the citizens, Reka Salamon (HU) for a future-oriented Europe, Pierre Larrouturou (FR) for a social Europe, Erik Edman (GR/SU) for a Democracy in Europe 2025, Adrian Taylor (UK/DE) for a New Paradigm, Filipe Santos Henriques (PT/DE) for a sustainable Europe
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