Comments on a proposed „Treaty for the Democratisation of the Eurozone“ by Thomas Piketty and Friends (Christel Hahn)

Piketty’s „Pour un traité de démocratisation de l’Europe“, which is available in french since March, has just been released in german as „Für ein anderes Europa“ (for a different Europe). The subtitle of the german book clarifies, that the book presents a „Treaty for the Democratisation of the Eurozone“1, a very specific project, which of course should generally advance the democratisation of Europe. Continue Reading

From “Biancheri Athens 1998″ to “Macron Athens 2017″: Upgrading democracy takes 20 years (FBN)

Emmanuel Macron’s recent speech in Athens puts on the table the great political challenges facing the EU. Rebuilding citizens’ trust, democratising the EU, opening the European election to trans-European lists, politically refounding the Eurozone… These ideas are truly echoeing another speech, delivered 20 years ago, in Athens too, by Franck Biancheri, Continue Reading

#1Head2Votes – Transnational EU lists: an amazing week (Giorgio Clarotti, UEF)

#1Head2Votes Amazing week on the European Federalists (UEF) campaign for transnational EU lists: they might come to life. Apologies to my FB friends who are not interested by EU affairs, but I want to share this with all those who support us, and me, as I am spearheading this campaign.Continue Reading

European Transnational Lists, a real good progressive idea! (Marianne Ranke-Cormier)

The emergence of trans-European political parties as a tool for the democratization of Europe, as a political tool, responds to the need for citizens to learn how to use the European space, to have real means of deciding and controlling their future, and as a rampart to all creeping populisms and extremisms.

Continue Reading

Reforming the European Parliament elections (Miriam Sorace – LSE)

It is heartening that leading European politicians, emboldened by Brexit, are currently talking about converting the 73 UK seats in the European Parliament into ‘supranational’ seats in 2019. This indicates some political willingness to viscerally transform the EP electoral system.Continue Reading