#CitizensRoute73, Speakers' corner

#CitizenRoute73 All Women List (by Jo Sullivan)

The 2019 elections to the European Parliament may elect transnational candidates. Why not give a boost to modernity and have an all woman list for the first-ever transnational candidates?

In the 2014 elections to the European Parliament 37% women and 63% men were elected. What does that say about the representativeness of the European Parliament?

The World Bank said recently that if all EU countries stepped up their efforts to improve gender equality, more jobs would be created, GDP per capita would increase and society would benefit overall while weathering crisis more effectively.

If gender balance works better for the economy, it will also work better for politics.

In recent years the European Commission has pushed to establish a 40% quota for each gender on boards of stock-listed companies. As a result, some member states (France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy…) have introduced quota laws.

Let’s imagine a 40% quota for women Members of the European Parliament.

To achieve that with any certainty we need a 100% women candidates list for #CitizenRoute73.

History proves that only with an active boost can gender balance be achieved. This active boost is needed in 2019. For the 2024 Elections, all gender candidates would be welcome as the 40% target gender equity will have been reached.

Will the European Parliament remain distant from citizens because it is male dominated? Why take the risk?

Let’s select an all woman candidate list for #CitizenRoute73.

Jo Sullivan (IR/UK) – 30.06.2017

Jo Sullivan was moderator of the Political panel for the kick off event #CitizensRoute73 in Louvain-la-Neuve on July 1st, 2017

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